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Dr. Atul Kaushik
Degrees MBBS, MD, DA
Experience 22 Years
  • On Prior appointment

Dr. Atul Kaushik

Critical Care and Anaesthesia

Sumitra Hospital of Critical Care provides a range of services for complications arising in patients of various specialties. The hospitals are equipped with specialized units for critical care for each department. Such specialized centres have support equipment as per the complication and age of the patient. Radiology and pathology support is provided on 24*7 basis.

  • Comprehensive critical care support for cardiovascular, central nervous,
  • Endocrine, gastrointestinal, renal, respiratory system.
  • Examination and analysis of the physical, mental health along with the pressure points
  • Evaluation of the requirements of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Round the clock intensive care support to the spectrum of medical, cardiac, surgical and trauma patients.
  • State of the art equipment and bed management for patient analysis, monitoring and control.
  • Facilities for bedside dialysis, ventilator support, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, echocardiography and ultrasound.
  • Defined critical care pathways along with standardized care.